We fear change when sometimes it's what we need most

In a world where many of us are so fixated upon routine, unanticipated changed is often deemed a negative. We find ourselves living so comfortably with what has become second nature to us, associating ourselves with those we are familiar with, not necessarily with those we are destined to be with. We allow ourselves to settle for mediocrity because we fear losing our sense of normality on the journey to seeking more.

In life, we tolerate. We tolerate jobs that don't allow us to thrive, relationships and friendships that no longer serve their purpose and we tolerate our everyday routines that are very rarely subject to change. We tolerate because tolerating is easier than facing the truth - the truth is; we are afraid to leave our comfort zones - we are afraid because we fear the unknown.

Reforming fractions of your life should direct you towards some form of success. There are two forms of success in this instance - success due to change and success due to realising the change wa…

Santaphobia | Christmas Eve was unsettling

I know what you're thinking - how could I possibly be scared of a man who provided presents for absolutely no reason at all? What and earth did my parents say for me to fear the figure I was meant to adore?

'Father Christmas came to give you a kiss on the forehead goodnight when he visited last night'... yep, that was the trigger. From this point onward, I was scarred. I perceived Santa to be more of a trespasser than a magical presence. My parents innocent words which were said with good intentions - to make me feel excited, in actual fact  made me feel the complete opposite going forth.

The following Christmas, I found myself crying on Christmas Eve and unable to sleep... my mum had to leave a piece of paper at the bottom of the stairs that read 'please don't come upstairs, the girls are very excited'- just to put my mind at ease. All I wanted from Santa was for him to drop the presents as far away from me as possible and to sling his hook. I can only imagine…

Pores? No poreblem

Never have I been one to struggle with large pores (on the face) until recently. If you struggle with them yourself, you'll know they're a pain in the butt when it comes to striving for a perfect complexion - wearing foundation would suggest to your face that you're asking for trouble as it causes the pores to become more evident.

En route to my most recent holiday, I constantly kept passing mirrors in the airport shops and was horrified by what stood out to me... big a$$ pores. Help. I had to do something, this was a serious situation.

Luckily for me, I was able to get my desperate hands on some Soap & Glory facial products which have joined the club of products that I SWEAR by.

It's recommended to use this lil number daily to leave your skin feeling cleansed, purified and 'all-out fabulous'. Since using this product, my pores have decreased in size dramatically resulting in my skin producing a lot less oil. WOOP.

The a…

Scars | How a scar changed my outlook on life

A synonym for the word 'scar' is the word 'blemish'. The definition of the word 'blemish' refers to an imperfection or flaw. I disagree.
You see, no scar should be given the authority to define you or challenge your beauty. No scar should be understood as a flaw. Scars suggest all kinds of possibilities: stretch marks, self-harm or surgery (to name a few) - so in my view, scars are marks of strength and in some instances; achievement.

Last year I beat skin cancer. Consequently, I had operations that left disparent sized scars engraved amongst the top quarter of my body. In the duration of this oppressive time, I gathered that my life was more important and precious than scars left on my skins surface. However, as I began to recover and become more mobile again, I started to doubt my beauty. Each and every outfit I sported was carefully selected on the circumstance that it covered the extensive demon scar that was imprinted on the top centre of my back. One nig…

WE give terrorists free advertisement

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March 22nd - London attacker Khalid Masood mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing four and injuring many others. April 7th - Four people killed and at least fifteen injured as a result of a lorry attack in Stockholm. May 22nd - 22 people killed and 59 injured after a lone suicide bomber detonated explosives among teenage fans at an Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester Arena. 
Doesn't it scare you how precious life is, yet how easy it's become for brainwashed beings to cease it from one another? How those reassuring words 'attacks like that won't happen here' are now heard notably less when discussing terror attacks that have taken place abroad. How checking terror threat levels when booking a holiday is now a vital part of the booking procedure - similarly how hearing that tourists have been caught up amidst an attack whilst on holiday is now a regular occurrence.  
ISIS appear to be driven by the rep…

The 3 vitamins that saved my hair & encouraged growth

Bleach, dye, split ends - URGH. Until now, I was convinced my hair was refusing to grow past my shoulders for a solid 2 years. 'If you get your hair cut regularly it'll grow' - been there done that, and I ended up with even shorter hair that still did me dirty and just wouldn't grow.

So, I analysed my routine. How I was handling my hair at the time clearly wasn't correctly since it wasn't getting any longer. I read every review for hair growth products under the sun but not even one had 100% positive reviews. Perhaps my hair wasn't growing because I wasn't healthy on the inside, meaning my body couldn't function correctly? I'm not going to pretend to be some next health expert, but I'm going to bring you in on my resolution to hair growth. I changed and altered a few factors of my everyday routine and wallaaah!

1. Vitamin C

In all honesty, even after doing my research - dosage wise I wasnt certain what was right for me. I went with my non-ex…

A message to my young teenage self

Dear younger self,

Initially I planned on devoting this piece to the devastating outfit choices you'll make when you're 13. But there are a few more principal truths that I wish you could know, a few life lessons that will affect how you go.

Hug tight that zestful, crazy and energy-fueled self of yours - it's only a matter of time before you face a fresh perspective on the world and allow it to dull your shine. Breathe in every ounce of positivity you've ever known, secure it in your mind and refuse to release it.

People with minds not so kind or with hearts not as warm as yours, will enter your life causing homesickness from the innocent and care-free childhood you've so far led. The term 'bitch' that you use when referring to a female dog, will soon also be a word representing the malicious beings you're soon to cross paths with. In college you will soon hear the unimaginable, see the unthinkable and you won't be able to fathom how you were shiel…

The struggles of an invisible illness

'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'

Focus on those 3 words, what do you perceive chronic fatigue syndrome (aka CFS or M.E.) to be?

I'm guessing, just like the majority of people, you're going to assume that someone who has CFS is consistently tired  and just needs to hit the hay earlier? I'm guessing you're going to assume that CFS is a pathetic excuse of an illness for lethargic people to utilise? However, what you don't know is that CFS is an invisible disability. Regardless of the pain, aches, exhaustion and occasional memory loss; unless you are diagnosed or experience this disease first-hand, you'll never even come close to understanding the terms of this debilitating illness, because it's practically invisible.

A couple years ago I was convinced I was dying. I had no idea how or why, but I had this gut instinct flashing warning lights in my mind. I felt trapped; I appeared perfectly healthy, how could anyone possibly believe my claims to feeling so bro…

Mario Basdescu Rosewater Spray - DOES IT WORK?

You've seen the spray, you're tempted to join the hype - but you're not sure if it actually works. The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is packed with Aloe Herbs & Rosewater, it's supposedly a refreshing, hydrating mist for all skin types.It can be utilised as a primer mist or setting spray for make-up and to help revive dehydrated skin.

Primer and setting spray
Incorporated into my new make-up routine, I use this spray before applying any form of make-up to my skin. I'd recommend 2-3 sprays on clean, dry skin. Allow the spray a few minutes to dry and begin to apply your make-up. Once your make-up has been applied, spritz your skin with the spray again, until your entire face has been kissed by it. Do not drown your face in this spray, hold the bottle 30cm from your face so it acts as a light mist.

The results? Dewy, glowing and fresh looking skin. The spray allows my make-up to appear more natural - a look I always aim to achieve. My make-up stays fixed in place and…

Sunshine Blogger Award

I was recently nominated & received the Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Shaina Mason ( The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those sites that are creative, inspiring & positive. Thank you Shaina, I really appreciate your nomination & recognition. Go check out her site!

Below are the interview questions Shaina has set me to answer for you:

1.What is your favorite part about blogging?
My mind is constantly buzzing with ideas - as soon as I think of a new one, I write it down and spend the whole day thinking of what I could write. I find it a great way to vent, be creative and to help raise awareness utilising my own experiences.
2.What makes you happy?
Family, boyfriend, friends, acting, blogging, working out...
3.Where is the coolest place you have traveled to?
Mexico/Florida/Prague.. gah can't choose!
4.What is the biggest frustration in your life right now?
Not being exactly where I want to be, but I know i'll …

BEST treatments for blemish prone skin

Your skin suffers breakouts and you can't seem to keep them under control. You've supposedly tried every skincare product available or prescribed to you... what now? Perhaps you've considered trialing the exorbitant products that have been promoted by public figures online. What you need to keep in mind is that just because a product is costly (over priced), that certainly does not automatically award the product a high rating in effectiveness. I've been there, I've tried home remedies and possibly all of the 'hyped' up products to date - but i'm here to conduct a list of the most effective treatments that actually worked for me... and you might be surprised!

1. Superdrug Deep Action Anti Blemish Gel
Yep, its true - for £2.69 you could be rescuing your breakouts. Not only that, the treatment is fast acting and you should be able to see a clear difference within 2 hours of use! Most people give Superdrug's own brand products a miss, but what you'l…

Social media - we're not getting any more social

*Featured in* You're supposedly watching TV with your family - your laptop deposited upon your numbed thighs that haven't moved within hours. Your phone secured in your hands as you raise it eye-level towards your social media consumed eyes. You browse Twitter in hope of detecting some compelling gossip, but instead you're phased with ignorant followers posting spoilers and live updates for the latest Game of Thrones episode that you're yet to watch.

It's 2017, social media is evolving and we're more connected than ever - but are we re-forming the way we live to suit the fake reality that is within social media? Are we dedicating more to time tagging friends in relatable Facebook video's as an alternative of channeling our time towards literally conversing in each other’s presence?

Social media is becoming a necessity and practically a requirement for the current generation to stay connected. There is the growing yet underlying …

How to be happy

If you're reading this in hope of finding a miracle injection of happiness, you're in the wrong place. If you're reading this because you want to learn how you can train your mind to feel happiness, then keep reading.

Happiness is something you have to believe in, something you have to train your mind to feel and something you have to adjust your outlook on life to accept if you haven't yet already accepted it.

The moment you accept happiness and allow it to fill your body, is the moment you can expect to actually feel happy and content in your own being.

Do you ever find yourself booking endless holidays or events, creating amazing memories and moments - yet as soon as these occasions are over, you're left feeling deflated and empty? Do you feel the urge to constantly purchase materialistic items? Do you find yourself craving or needing more? It feels like a ceaseless cycle that no amazing holiday or outing can terminate. YOU have control over your happiness and …

LVL lashes VS Lash extensions

LVL lashes VS Lash extensions

After two years worth of lash extensions, infills and a hundreds of pounds consumed.. I decided to venture out into trial with the up and coming trend of LVL lashes to see if they lived up to expectations.

LVL lashes

♥ Natural looking
♥ Can apply eye-make up to enhance the lashes when desired
♥ Not harmful to lashes
♥ The up-keep is less (once every 2 months).
♥ No need to worry about eyelashes falling out
♥ When applying mascara over the top, my lashes look amaze
♥ Strenghtens and adds volume to lashes

♥ Not a dramatic difference in appearance
♥ Procedure can take up to 45 minutes

Eyelash extensions

♥ No need for mascara
♥ Bye bye to tired eyes
♥ Appear effortlessly more presentable
♥ Can look completely natural

♥ Can be costly
♥ Irritating when lashes begin to fall out
♥ Lashes can point into different directions overtime
♥ Sometimes the lashes aren't bold enough for special events
♥ Eye make-up can cause the lashes to fall out q…

Top Instagram worthy restaurants in London

1. The Gallery - Sketch, Mayfair
If you follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram, I'm sure you will already know of this one. The Gallery is one of 5 uniquely decorated rooms available for dining at Sketch. With it's pink interior, it's the perfect setting to savour an afternoon tea. British artist, David Shrigley, has transformed the Gallery at sketch as part of a long-term programme of artist-conceived restaurants... there's even egg shaped toilets! To find out more visit

2. My Old Dutch, London 
Think pancakes are just for dessert? Think again. My Old Dutch offers savory and sweet pancakes as well as a selection of salads, traditional Dutch starters and desserts. The wide range of succulent yet unusual pancake toppings available leaves you feeling spoilt for choice. With restaurants located in Kensington, Holborn and Chelsea, you can pop by at your most convenient location! To find out more visit

3. Flat Iro…

Emma Bryant: How I changed my life in one year

* Article written by guest blogger Emma Bryant*
When I was 21, I left my job as an insurance sales manager to pursue a career in modelling, which had began to "take off". For the first two years I really enjoyed it and even won an award for "Best Newcomer"! I experienced a fair amount of jealousy and bitterness from others, partially because I became successful and "known" very quickly, and also because I was not considered to be attractive by many people in the industry. (Pale skin, big ol' nose). I made lots of friends however, and gained a lot of respect from the "right" people.

Late 2013 I met a male model a lot older than me, and within a few months, we were practically inseparable. Things were great for a while, but he soon became very emotionally and verbally aggressive. He began criticising and losing his temper over ridiculous things, such as me drinking water on the London Underground, or not having a spray tan. The physical abuse …

Louy Armstrong: Men - what do we stand for?

*Article written by guest blogger Louy Armstrong*

NHS Mental Health Services - the service that gets so much attention but little support.

I can't believe we live in 2017 and the mental health service in the UK is still in the stone ages. Yes, I totally agree that we have progressed from say, the 80's, but are we really where we need to be in this day and age?

If you're asking my personal opinion, I'd say hell no. I have suffered mental health issues myself and still currently do. I've been pushed through various different departments after fighting 14 months for an appointment to just be spat out at the other end and said basically - "come back later if things get really bad, we don't have the staff or funding so we need to start discharging people'. I disagreed but within a 5 minute appointment I was back at square one "What the hell?".

There are 65 million people that live in the UK, and approximately 1 in every 4 people, will suffer mental he…

Social media - relationship maker or breaker?

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When it comes to relationships, social media has the power to make or break them.

Instagram has grown to become a platform allowing unrealistic dreams to seem an achievable reality. 'Instafamous' girls hugging 1000 red roses in sponsored posts to claim how utterly infatuated they are, and for what are the definition of failing relationships to appear as #couplegoals in a snap and post of a pic.

Despite being fully aware that the posts we are exposed to convey a fake reality; we still compare, copy and compete with the fraudulent photos our eyes encounter. We are set up with unrealistic expectations of what relationships actually are. Relationships have a purpose and drowning the Instagram feed with cute couple photos and a caption expressing how in love you are, instead of addressing your love directly to your parter, will add no extra value to a relationship, so why do it? What is achieved? Is there now an assumption that if w…

The pressure is on

The pressure is on.

My thighs touch each other, I fall pregnant after eating a heavy meal and regardless of the endless products I've tried, my skin will never be consistently clear. 

Why do we punish ourselves? Why is it that we allow ourselves to feel less of a person for being unable to match up to society’s latest body trend? Trend.  I want to emphasise the word 'trend', because it is ever-changing and directing us towards pure absurdity.
A few years ago I would shame myself for failing to meet the harsh requirements of the thigh gap trend. Regardless of how little I consumed in attempt to achieve this body goal, my bone structure just simply wouldn't allow it. I wouldn't dare to ever stand with my feet together to highlight my non-existent gap during this idiotic time, how could I expose myself like that? I was young and willing to ruthlessly diet my way to malnourishment... just to feel accepted. How did I allow society’s pressure to fit this certain body type t…