LVL lashes VS Lash extensions

LVL lashes VS Lash extensions

After two years worth of lash extensions, infills and a hundreds of pounds consumed.. I decided to venture out into trial with the up and coming trend of LVL lashes to see if they lived up to expectations.

LVL lashes

♥ Natural looking
♥ Can apply eye-make up to enhance the lashes when desired
♥ Not harmful to lashes
♥ The up-keep is less (once every 2 months).
♥ No need to worry about eyelashes falling out
♥ When applying mascara over the top, my lashes look amaze
♥ Strenghtens and adds volume to lashes

♥ Not a dramatic difference in appearance
♥ Procedure can take up to 45 minutes

Eyelash extensions

♥ No need for mascara
♥ Bye bye to tired eyes
♥ Appear effortlessly more presentable
♥ Can look completely natural

♥ Can be costly
♥ Irritating when lashes begin to fall out
♥ Lashes can point into different directions overtime
♥ Sometimes the lashes aren't bold enough for special events
♥ Eye make-up can cause the lashes to fall out quicker

Conclusion: Personally, LVL lashes have won me over. When they start to wear off, I can apply mascara so that my eyelashes are still visible - however this can get messy when doing so as eyelash extensions begin to fall out. The cost of LVL lashes are much more cost-efficient (I pay £28) and this makes the whole procedure worth every minute. I do love the appearance of eyelash extensions, although LVL lashes seem to work well with my schedule and are more convenient.

By Hannah Goulding
Instagram: hannahgouldingxx
Twitter: goulding_hannah


  1. Wow, you look great with those pretty lashes! I haven't dared to try lash extensions as it seems kinda scary! Sounds like you're a fan of the beautiful effects with LVL! ;)

  2. THank you for posting this. I was wondering if this was worth it. I am a big mascara fan. I think mine would fall out too fast.

  3. I have such short eyelashes so this is something I will deffo give a try

  4. I've actually never heard about LVL lashes, I was actually thinking of trying out lash extensions for the first time. After this post I'll definitely consider them!


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