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Sunbed or deathbed?

17 years old, I stepped into my first sunbed. £2.50 for a quick 3 minute session, I was convinced it would be harmless.  I was eager to achieve a 'base-tan' before my holiday - to avoid burning and to achieve a golden glow. I told myself I would use it for a maximum of 3 minutes and only a few times before my holiday.
The moment you begin to see visible results, sunbeds become slightly addictive. Your skin tone darkening and your need for fake tan, no longer existent - it just felt, easier. My face clear of blemishes, my skin no longer resembling a milk bottle - my confidence was thriving. 'Just a quick session' here and there, I didn't feel that I was utilising them excessively at all. By the end of my holiday, I'd achieved a tan deeper than any other in my history of tans. It felt good. But then things got bad.

A year later, I was in Mexico with my family. My mum pointed out a tiny mole on my back that she thought looked misshaped, I disregarded it and thoug…