Booking Bali Flights | How to afford Bali without breaking the bank

Hi Guys,

Since returning from Bali last month (September 2019), my Instagram DM's have been heaving with questions in relation to flights and how much they cost.

From Europe, Bali is a painless trek away. For us - 21 hours to be exact, with one hot (honestly the airport needed to crank up the air con, I was walking to my connecting flight whilst desperately, and strategically removing layers of clothes to cool down. Each time someone walked past me, the slight breeze they swept past with them was an absolute blessing... anyway this bracket has become so long it should be illegal...i'll close it now, bye) stop in Dubai.

The morning my boyfriend and I booked our flights to Bali, it was a rainy, hungover, November (2018) morning. We were possibly still drunk, we were feeling spontaneous and we wanted to experience a short glimpse of the travelling life without actually having to dramatically quit our jobs to go find ourselves.

Okay, lets get down to the whole point of this post..…

The impact of how you treat someone with an invisible illness

How do you convince someone that you quite literally feel as if you're dying if you have no physical proof to support it? How do you convince someone that your body feels like a decayed corpse, when you've no scars, bruises or disfigurements to prove it? How do you deal with an invisible illness when so very few believe it even exists?

The more 'you're so young, liven up' or 'go to bed earlier' statements I'd receive, the more I began to question myself and my illness. I began to wonder whether the excruciating pain and fatigue that my body was experiencing was in fact 'normal' - a few years on, I can confirm it doesn't even come close.

I gave up expressing my fatigue after I received way too many 'i'm tired too' reactions. It often felt like a personal attack, almost as if my tiredness was the usual kind of tiredness. People would speak to me as if I chose and enjoyed to feel this way. I often would get responses from my peers,…

How to control your cravings whilst on a diet

The #1 issue people have with diets is being able to stick to it. People set themselves tough goals and unrealistic meal plans. Instead of thinking of it as a diet, think of it as a health change and a way of life - not a strict ruled eating structure.

So, this is rather hypocritical of me since I went off the rails and piled on the pounds  over christmas - but if you're finding it difficult to stick to your 'new year, new me' diet for longer than a few days, you're in the right place. I've gathered some techniques that I use to curb my cravings and to keep me headed in the right direction.

1. Intermittent fasting - eating in 8 hour windows
Fasting for 16 hours and then only eating within a specific 8-hour window. For example, only eating from 12PM-8 PM, essentially skipping breakfast. By cutting out an entire meal each day, you are consuming fewer calories per week – even if your two meals per day are slightly bigger than before. Overall, you’re still consuming few…

11 unique things to do in London in 2018

1. Electric cinema, Portebello

Prefer watching films comfortably, situated in bed? At this quirky cinema, you can opt in for an experience not far off. From £15 per person - kick those shoes off and quite literally, lay back and relax. To find out more visit

2. Shoreditch House or The Berkeley London, rooftop pool

Whats worse than being in England in the summer amid 30 degree temperatures, with nowhere to cool off? Who knew you'd discover one of these precious finds on one of the many roof tops in the city.

3. The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

'Jump into The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience – the hit 90s TV show now brought to breathtakingly immersive, genuine 3D life. It’s where teams run around madly, shout themselves hoarse, complete all sorts of tricky challenges and finish up in some lovely satin bomber jackets. Honestly, this has eve…

Scars | How a scar changed my outlook on life

A synonym for the word 'scar' is the word 'blemish'. The definition of the word 'blemish' refers to an imperfection or flaw. I disagree.
You see, no scar should be given the authority to define you or challenge your beauty. No scar should be understood as a flaw. Scars suggest all kinds of possibilities: stretch marks, self-harm or surgery (to name a few) - so in my view, scars are marks of strength and in some instances; achievement.

Last year I beat skin cancer. Consequently, I had operations that left disparent sized scars engraved amongst the top quarter of my body. In the duration of this oppressive time, I gathered that my life was more important and precious than scars left on my skins surface. However, as I began to recover and become more mobile again, I started to doubt my beauty. Each and every outfit I sported was carefully selected on the circumstance that it covered the extensive demon scar that was imprinted on the top centre of my back. One nig…

We fear change when sometimes it's what we need most

In a world where many of us are so fixated upon routine, unanticipated change is often deemed a negative. We find ourselves living so comfortably with what has become second nature to us, associating ourselves with those we are familiar with, not necessarily with those we are destined to be with. We allow ourselves to settle for mediocrity because we fear losing our sense of normality on the journey to seeking more.

In life, we tolerate. We tolerate jobs that don't allow us to thrive, relationships and friendships that no longer serve their purpose and we tolerate our everyday routines that are very rarely subject to change. We tolerate because tolerating is easier than facing the truth - the truth is; we are afraid to leave our comfort zones - we are afraid because we fear the unknown.

Reforming fractions of your life should direct you towards some form of success. There are two forms of success in this instance - success due to change and success due to realising the change was…

Top Instagram worthy restaurants in London

1. The Gallery - Sketch, Mayfair
If you follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram, I'm sure you will already know of this one. The Gallery is one of 5 uniquely decorated rooms available for dining at Sketch. With it's pink interior, it's the perfect setting to savour an afternoon tea. British artist, David Shrigley, has transformed the Gallery at sketch as part of a long-term programme of artist-conceived restaurants... there's even egg shaped toilets! To find out more visit

2. My Old Dutch, London 
Think pancakes are just for dessert? Think again. My Old Dutch offers savory and sweet pancakes as well as a selection of salads, traditional Dutch starters and desserts. The wide range of succulent yet unusual pancake toppings available leaves you feeling spoilt for choice. With restaurants located in Kensington, Holborn and Chelsea, you can pop by at your most convenient location! To find out more visit

3. Flat Iro…

The 3 vitamins that saved my hair & encouraged growth

Bleach, dye, split ends - URGH. Until now, I was convinced my hair was refusing to grow past my shoulders for a solid 2 years. 'If you get your hair cut regularly it'll grow' - been there done that, and I ended up with even shorter hair that still did me dirty and just wouldn't grow.

So, I analysed my routine. How I was handling my hair at the time clearly wasn't correctly since it wasn't getting any longer. I read every review for hair growth products under the sun but not even one had 100% positive reviews. Perhaps my hair wasn't growing because I wasn't healthy on the inside, meaning my body couldn't function correctly? I'm not going to pretend to be some next health expert, but I'm going to bring you in on my resolution to hair growth. I changed and altered a few factors of my everyday routine and wallaaah!

1. Vitamin C

In all honesty, even after doing my research - dosage wise I wasnt certain what was right for me. I went with my non-ex…

Grades | Do they measure your understanding or your ability to memorise information to pass a test?

*Article featured on*

I discharged myself from education (up to A-levels) two years ago. I can honestly inform you that I struggle to reminisce a large majority of what I was taught – although this could be due to my inadequate memory since I’m 20 and advancing in my years… (that was a joke). You can judge me now and leapfrog to the assumption that I’m no strong contender when it comes to seeking jobs since I can no longer recall every biblical quote studied in religious education, despite achieving an A – but you’d be wrong.
Yes, I did once memorise the periodic table so that I could pass in science. I was able to memorise and recite an essay worth of conversation in French so that I could pass my French speaking exam. What I want to stress is that are two keywords here that need to be highlighted – memorise and pass. In school we are fundamentally taught that if we are able to memorise information, then we will pass our exams, supposedly increasing our c…

A message to my young teenage self

Dear younger self,

Initially I planned on devoting this piece to the devastating outfit choices you'll make when you're 13. But there are a few more principal truths that I wish you could know, a few life lessons that will affect how you go.

Hug tight that zestful, crazy and energy-fueled self of yours - it's only a matter of time before you face a fresh perspective on the world and allow it to dull your shine. Breathe in every ounce of positivity you've ever known, secure it in your mind and refuse to release it.

People with minds not so kind or with hearts not as warm as yours, will enter your life causing homesickness from the innocent and care-free childhood you've so far led. The term 'bitch' that you use when referring to a female dog, will soon also be a word representing the malicious beings you're soon to cross paths with. In college you will soon hear the unimaginable, see the unthinkable and you won't be able to fathom how you were shiel…

Santaphobia | Christmas Eve was unsettling

I know what you're thinking - how could I possibly be scared of a man who provided presents for absolutely no reason at all? What and earth did my parents say for me to fear the figure I was meant to adore?

'Father Christmas came to give you a kiss on the forehead goodnight when he visited last night'... yep, that was the trigger. From this point onward, I was scarred. I perceived Santa to be more of a trespasser than a magical presence. My parents innocent words which were said with good intentions - to make me feel excited, in actual fact  made me feel the complete opposite going forth.

The following Christmas, I found myself crying on Christmas Eve and unable to sleep... my mum had to leave a piece of paper at the bottom of the stairs that read 'please don't come upstairs, the girls are very excited'- just to put my mind at ease. All I wanted from Santa was for him to drop the presents as far away from me as possible and to sling his hook. I can only imagine…

Pores? No poreblem

Never have I been one to struggle with large pores (on the face) until recently. If you struggle with them yourself, you'll know they're a pain in the butt when it comes to striving for a perfect complexion - wearing foundation would suggest to your face that you're asking for trouble as it causes the pores to become more evident.

En route to my most recent holiday, I constantly kept passing mirrors in the airport shops and was horrified by what stood out to me... big a$$ pores. Help. I had to do something, this was a serious situation.

Luckily for me, I was able to get my desperate hands on some Soap & Glory facial products which have joined the club of products that I SWEAR by.

It's recommended to use this lil number daily to leave your skin feeling cleansed, purified and 'all-out fabulous'. Since using this product, my pores have decreased in size dramatically resulting in my skin producing a lot less oil. WOOP.

The a…