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LVL lashes VS Lash extensions

LVL lashes VS Lash extensions

After two years worth of lash extensions, infills and a hundreds of pounds consumed.. I decided to venture out into trial with the up and coming trend of LVL lashes to see if they lived up to expectations.

LVL lashes

♥ Natural looking
♥ Can apply eye-make up to enhance the lashes when desired
♥ Not harmful to lashes
♥ The up-keep is less (once every 2 months).
♥ No need to worry about eyelashes falling out
♥ When applying mascara over the top, my lashes look amaze
♥ Strenghtens and adds volume to lashes

♥ Not a dramatic difference in appearance
♥ Procedure can take up to 45 minutes

Eyelash extensions

♥ No need for mascara
♥ Bye bye to tired eyes
♥ Appear effortlessly more presentable
♥ Can look completely natural

♥ Can be costly
♥ Irritating when lashes begin to fall out
♥ Lashes can point into different directions overtime
♥ Sometimes the lashes aren't bold enough for special events
♥ Eye make-up can cause the lashes to fall out q…

Emma Bryant: How I changed my life in one year

* Article written by guest blogger Emma Bryant*
When I was 21, I left my job as an insurance sales manager to pursue a career in modelling, which had began to "take off". For the first two years I really enjoyed it and even won an award for "Best Newcomer"! I experienced a fair amount of jealousy and bitterness from others, partially because I became successful and "known" very quickly, and also because I was not considered to be attractive by many people in the industry. (Pale skin, big ol' nose). I made lots of friends however, and gained a lot of respect from the "right" people.

Late 2013 I met a male model a lot older than me, and within a few months, we were practically inseparable. Things were great for a while, but he soon became very emotionally and verbally aggressive. He began criticising and losing his temper over ridiculous things, such as me drinking water on the London Underground, or not having a spray tan. The physical abuse …

Louy Armstrong: Men - what do we stand for?

*Article written by guest blogger Louy Armstrong*

NHS Mental Health Services - the service that gets so much attention but little support.

I can't believe we live in 2017 and the mental health service in the UK is still in the stone ages. Yes, I totally agree that we have progressed from say, the 80's, but are we really where we need to be in this day and age?

If you're asking my personal opinion, I'd say hell no. I have suffered mental health issues myself and still currently do. I've been pushed through various different departments after fighting 14 months for an appointment to just be spat out at the other end and said basically - "come back later if things get really bad, we don't have the staff or funding so we need to start discharging people'. I disagreed but within a 5 minute appointment I was back at square one "What the hell?".

There are 65 million people that live in the UK, and approximately 1 in every 4 people, will suffer mental he…

Social media - relationship maker or breaker?

(Article featured on

When it comes to relationships, social media has the power to make or break them.

Instagram has grown to become a platform allowing unrealistic dreams to seem an achievable reality. 'Instafamous' girls hugging 1000 red roses in sponsored posts to claim how utterly infatuated they are, and for what are the definition of failing relationships to appear as #couplegoals in a snap and post of a pic.

Despite being fully aware that the posts we are exposed to convey a fake reality; we still compare, copy and compete with the fraudulent photos our eyes encounter. We are set up with unrealistic expectations of what relationships actually are. Relationships have a purpose and drowning the Instagram feed with cute couple photos and a caption expressing how in love you are, instead of addressing your love directly to your parter, will add no extra value to a relationship, so why do it? What is achieved? Is there now an assumption that if w…

The pressure is on

The pressure is on.

My thighs touch each other, I fall pregnant after eating a heavy meal and regardless of the endless products I've tried, my skin will never be consistently clear. 

Why do we punish ourselves? Why is it that we allow ourselves to feel less of a person for being unable to match up to society’s latest body trend? Trend.  I want to emphasise the word 'trend', because it is ever-changing and directing us towards pure absurdity.
A few years ago I would shame myself for failing to meet the harsh requirements of the thigh gap trend. Regardless of how little I consumed in attempt to achieve this body goal, my bone structure just simply wouldn't allow it. I wouldn't dare to ever stand with my feet together to highlight my non-existent gap during this idiotic time, how could I expose myself like that? I was young and willing to ruthlessly diet my way to malnourishment... just to feel accepted. How did I allow society’s pressure to fit this certain body type t…