A message to my young teenage self

Dear younger self,

Initially I planned on devoting this piece to the devastating outfit choices you'll make when you're 13. But there are a few more principal truths that I wish you could know, a few life lessons that will affect how you go.

Hug tight that zestful, crazy and energy-fueled self of yours - it's only a matter of time before you face a fresh perspective on the world and allow it to dull your shine. Breathe in every ounce of positivity you've ever known, secure it in your mind and refuse to release it.

People with minds not so kind or with hearts not as warm as yours, will enter your life causing homesickness from the innocent and care-free childhood you've so far led. The term 'bitch' that you use when referring to a female dog, will soon also be a word representing the malicious beings you're soon to cross paths with. In college you will soon hear the unimaginable, see the unthinkable and you won't be able to fathom how you were shielded from these types of people for so long. I urge you to keep your head down and befriend those who suffer alone.

You're going to hear accusations and rumours about people, including yourself - I beg you don't believe them, don't participate and don't react to them - and you definitely don't need to prove yourself against lies. Various of your thought-to-be friends will entertain the rumours and begin to question them without your presence, it's going to hurt and you will think it's the end of the world, but it's going to teach you plenty about who to associate yourself with. Stay true to yourself and see the positive in these situations, they'll blow over the following week - that's a promise.

You're kindness will sometimes be perceived as a weakness, allowing dominating people to control, belittle and use it to their advantage. Just because someone's voice is louder than yours, it doesn't make their words more important or truthful. You're a sensitive person who struggles to fight back tears but I promise your tear ducts will grow stronger (yeah I just said tear ducts will grow stronger), although your skin still hasn't quite figured out how to not go bright red when you're embarrassed.

There will come a time when you question your weirdness and you will try to suppress it in an attempt to fit in - hell no don't do that, being normal is boring ;). Do what makes you feel fulfilled, no ones opinions should impact what you find enjoyment from.

You're going to lose or lose contact with friends, best-friends and vital people in your life due to factors beyond your control. It's going to hit you hard, and you're going to wish for a rewind button, but be prepared to let go gracefully - not everyone in your life is meant to stay, but everyone who enters your life is there to leave an impact or a teaching.

I'm proud of you, from your silence you'll learn how to (and how not to) mould yourself into a young adult who is confident through her words and true to her beliefs. You'll learn to embrace yourself instead of desiring the traits of others. You'll meet a whole new world out there filled with both good and evil, and you'll know exactly who you want to be.

I wish you could know everything I know now. But life lesssons are best taught through experience.

Ps. Don't drink alcohol whilst completing a course of antibiotics


Hannah Goulding
Instagram: hannahgouldingxx


  1. Ugh, the don't react and your kindness will be mistaken for weakness lines, couldn't relate to you more there. what a beautiful post!

  2. Wish I really have been told this when I was younger... amazing post! <3

  3. I absolutely love this insightful post!! Thanks for the great read!


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