Louy Armstrong: Men - what do we stand for?

*Article written by guest blogger Louy Armstrong*

NHS Mental Health Services - the service that gets so much attention but little support.

I can't believe we live in 2017 and the mental health service in the UK is still in the stone ages. Yes, I totally agree that we have progressed from say, the 80's, but are we really where we need to be in this day and age?

If you're asking my personal opinion, I'd say hell no. I have suffered mental health issues myself and still currently do. I've been pushed through various different departments after fighting 14 months for an appointment to just be spat out at the other end and said basically - "come back later if things get really bad, we don't have the staff or funding so we need to start discharging people'. I disagreed but within a 5 minute appointment I was back at square one "What the hell?".

There are 65 million people that live in the UK, and approximately 1 in every 4 people, will suffer mental health issues. Isn't this enough people for the government to stand up and offer more funding? More support to a service that people are desperately in need of.

6188 people have so far committed suicide in the UK throughout 2017, and we aren't even at the end of the year yet ... scary right? And believe it or not, the highest rate is in men. I was watching something on Facebook a few weeks back about a man sharing his journey with mental health issues, and I was absolutely gob-smacked to see the abuse he was getting. Me being me, I had to get involved to defend the poor guy.

Men are naturally perceived as being more dominant, they're the masculine sex, the stereotypical strong figure. Yes, men are like that, but we do also have feelings. So many men are scared to air how they feel because other men might look at them in a different way, maybe somehow loosing 'man points'.

That's absolute BS if you ask me. We are human, with the exact same feelings as women. So when are we going to start recognising this? 

Who knows, maybe if someone's partner got involved and checked in with someone, the stupidly high rate of male suicide might just go down.

Who knows, let's see what the count is at the end of the year. I've got everything crossed that it will have decreased, but I'm not holding my breath.

Come on, guys! Start telling people how you feel. Don't be ashamed. Make a stand. You never know, you could just save someone else's life.

By Louy Armstrong
Twitter: @iamlouyy


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