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The struggles of an invisible illness

'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'

Focus on those 3 words, what do you perceive chronic fatigue syndrome (aka CFS or M.E.) to be?

I'm guessing, just like the majority of people, you're going to assume that someone who has CFS is consistently tired  and just needs to hit the hay earlier? I'm guessing you're going to assume that CFS is a pathetic excuse of an illness for lethargic people to utilise? However, what you don't know is that CFS is an invisible disability. Regardless of the pain, aches, exhaustion and occasional memory loss; unless you are diagnosed or experience this disease first-hand, you'll never even come close to understanding the terms of this debilitating illness, because it's practically invisible.

A couple years ago I was convinced I was dying. I had no idea how or why, but I had this gut instinct flashing warning lights in my mind. I felt trapped; I appeared perfectly healthy, how could anyone possibly believe my claims to feeling so bro…

Sunshine Blogger Award

I was recently nominated & received the Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Shaina Mason ( The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those sites that are creative, inspiring & positive. Thank you Shaina, I really appreciate your nomination & recognition. Go check out her site!

Below are the interview questions Shaina has set me to answer for you:

1.What is your favorite part about blogging?
My mind is constantly buzzing with ideas - as soon as I think of a new one, I write it down and spend the whole day thinking of what I could write. I find it a great way to vent, be creative and to help raise awareness utilising my own experiences.
2.What makes you happy?
Family, boyfriend, friends, acting, blogging, working out...
3.Where is the coolest place you have traveled to?
Mexico/Florida/Prague.. gah can't choose!
4.What is the biggest frustration in your life right now?
Not being exactly where I want to be, but I know i'll …

BEST treatments for blemish prone skin

Your skin suffers breakouts and you can't seem to keep them under control. You've supposedly tried every skincare product available or prescribed to you... what now? Perhaps you've considered trialing the exorbitant products that have been promoted by public figures online. What you need to keep in mind is that just because a product is costly (over priced), that certainly does not automatically award the product a high rating in effectiveness. I've been there, I've tried home remedies and possibly all of the 'hyped' up products to date - but i'm here to conduct a list of the most effective treatments that actually worked for me... and you might be surprised!

1. Superdrug Deep Action Anti Blemish Gel
Yep, its true - for £2.69 you could be rescuing your breakouts. Not only that, the treatment is fast acting and you should be able to see a clear difference within 2 hours of use! Most people give Superdrug's own brand products a miss, but what you'l…

Social media - we're not getting any more social

*Featured in* You're supposedly watching TV with your family - your laptop deposited upon your numbed thighs that haven't moved within hours. Your phone secured in your hands as you raise it eye-level towards your social media consumed eyes. You browse Twitter in hope of detecting some compelling gossip, but instead you're phased with ignorant followers posting spoilers and live updates for the latest Game of Thrones episode that you're yet to watch.

It's 2017, social media is evolving and we're more connected than ever - but are we re-forming the way we live to suit the fake reality that is within social media? Are we dedicating more to time tagging friends in relatable Facebook video's as an alternative of channeling our time towards literally conversing in each other’s presence?

Social media is becoming a necessity and practically a requirement for the current generation to stay connected. There is the growing yet underlying …

How to be happy

If you're reading this in hope of finding a miracle injection of happiness, you're in the wrong place. If you're reading this because you want to learn how you can train your mind to feel happiness, then keep reading.

Happiness is something you have to believe in, something you have to train your mind to feel and something you have to adjust your outlook on life to accept if you haven't yet already accepted it.

The moment you accept happiness and allow it to fill your body, is the moment you can expect to actually feel happy and content in your own being.

Do you ever find yourself booking endless holidays or events, creating amazing memories and moments - yet as soon as these occasions are over, you're left feeling deflated and empty? Do you feel the urge to constantly purchase materialistic items? Do you find yourself craving or needing more? It feels like a ceaseless cycle that no amazing holiday or outing can terminate. YOU have control over your happiness and …