The 3 vitamins that saved my hair & encouraged growth

Bleach, dye, split ends - URGH. Until now, I was convinced my hair was refusing to grow past my shoulders for a solid 2 years. 'If you get your hair cut regularly it'll grow' - been there done that, and I ended up with even shorter hair that still did me dirty and just wouldn't grow.

So, I analysed my routine. How I was handling my hair at the time clearly wasn't correctly since it wasn't getting any longer. I read every review for hair growth products under the sun but not even one had 100% positive reviews. Perhaps my hair wasn't growing because I wasn't healthy on the inside, meaning my body couldn't function correctly? I'm not going to pretend to be some next health expert, but I'm going to bring you in on my resolution to hair growth. I changed and altered a few factors of my everyday routine and wallaaah!

1. Vitamin C

In all honesty, even after doing my research - dosage wise I wasnt certain what was right for me. I went with my non-existent gut instinct and grabbed 500mg of Vitamin C chewable capsules (don't panic it's within the recommened dosage level) from the superdrug shelves 6 months ago and haven't turned back since. I swear by them. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect the body's cells from oxidative stress. It helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Getting an adequate, regular intake in your diet is essential and this vitamin is not stored in the body so unless you eat a lot of oranges - supplements will do the trick!

Now for the part you really care about, the result - I've noticed a drastic difference in my hair condition since taking this vitamin on a daily basis. There was a period of weeks where I had none left and hadn't restocked... I noticed a HUGE decline in my hairs growth and overall appearance. Not sure if it's just coincidence but.. thank me later. I can't recommend this enough!

2. Vitamin D3

A study suggests that this vitamin can help create new follicles - diminutive pores where new hair can grow. This may improve the thickness of you hair or reduce the amount of hair loss you suffer. Vitamin D may also give follices that have become dormant, a boost. You can take this as a supplement or by eating enough fish, orange juice, grains etc.

I strongly reccomend that if your hair is thinning or not appearing as healthy as it potentially could - give this a try!

3. Vitamin B12

Some dietitians claim that the more popular B vitamins - such as B-12 - can help strengthen and condition hair. You should always try to get your vitamins from food first. I take the B12 supplement 'Cyanocobalamin' due to having low b12 levels, however you can buy b12 supplements in stores.

Give these 3 vitamins a try, not only should they save your hair - they're great for your health.

By Hannah Goulding
Instagram: hannahgouldingxx


  1. Vitamin D is one that a lot of people are deficient in, and the consequences can be huge. Not only does it affect your hair and skin, but it can also drastically affect your mood. Great post!


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