Mario Basdescu Rosewater Spray - DOES IT WORK?

You've seen the spray, you're tempted to join the hype - but you're not sure if it actually works. The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is packed with Aloe Herbs & Rosewater, it's supposedly a refreshing, hydrating mist for all skin types.It can be utilised as a primer mist or setting spray for make-up and to help revive dehydrated skin.

Primer and setting spray
Incorporated into my new make-up routine, I use this spray before applying any form of make-up to my skin. I'd recommend 2-3 sprays on clean, dry skin. Allow the spray a few minutes to dry and begin to apply your make-up. Once your make-up has been applied, spritz your skin with the spray again, until your entire face has been kissed by it. Do not drown your face in this spray, hold the bottle 30cm from your face so it acts as a light mist.

The results? Dewy, glowing and fresh looking skin. The spray allows my make-up to appear more natural - a look I always aim to achieve. My make-up stays fixed in place and looks exactly how I set it when returing from a night/day out! I'm certain this spray will remain part of my make-up routine for a looooong time!

For blemishes/skin care
I hear mixed reviews on this spray with regard to clearing up skin. Some claim the spray breaks them out, others see no result and the remainder are sure it works wonders! So I believe this is one you'll have to try for yourself.

Personally, I originally purchased this product for the sake of my skin, however I found myself breaking out within days of using this product so I discontiued use. Many claim that if you persevere and keep using this product for at least 2 weeks, then you will start to see a difference and the breakouts will come to a hault. Perhaps this really is a hit or miss product depending on skin type!

All in all
I will continue to incorprate this product into my make-up routine. Due to the smell (reminds me of turkish delight which I hate), breakouts and consistency whilst sitting on my skin (feels like a sticky thin layer of film), I will refrain from using this product as part of my skin care.


  1. Honestly, I just used up a bottle and I don't think it did anything for my skin at all.


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