We fear change when sometimes it's what we need most

In a world where many of us are so fixated upon routine, unanticipated change is often deemed a negative. We find ourselves living so comfortably with what has become second nature to us, associating ourselves with those we are familiar with, not necessarily with those we are destined to be with. We allow ourselves to settle for mediocrity because we fear losing our sense of normality on the journey to seeking more.

In life, we tolerate. We tolerate jobs that don't allow us to thrive, relationships and friendships that no longer serve their purpose and we tolerate our everyday routines that are very rarely subject to change. We tolerate because tolerating is easier than facing the truth - the truth is; we are afraid to leave our comfort zones - we are afraid because we fear the unknown.

Reforming fractions of your life should direct you towards some form of success. There are two forms of success in this instance - success due to change and success due to realising the change was not for the greater good, enabling you to adjust your life accordingly, until the greater good has been attained. Change is what encourages us to experience life to its full potential, if we live without new challenges or adjustments, we're not quite living life at all - we'd be simply just existing.

When we acknowledge that an aspect of our life needs to be changed, we deal with it in one of two ways - acting upon our instincts or by forming a mental block and pursuing in denial. The fear of change can cause a mental paralysis within our minds convincing us to settle, continue and ignore our instincts. When we act upon our instincts, we are introduced to endless possibilities - possibilities we were blind to when change was not an option. Escaping our comfort zone is what we need to overcome the fear of transition.

We settle in relationships and settle for friendships that no longer fulfil us because we are afraid of losing stability, a sense of security and familiarity. There’s an immense difference between feeling secure and feeling content - when you come to terms and identify the difference in meaning of these words, your cue to go forth with change has most probably arrived. Never outstay your welcome, settling will never lead to progression.

If you desire a career change, don't wait - action it. If you want to erase toxic friends, remove them. If you miss something, make the effort to gain it back. Our changes and adjustments form the lives we lead. Without change, we would have limited perspective.


  1. Such a great post! I can relate soooo much that i wrote a similar post a while ago lol. Often we settle and tolerate due to insecurities- a lot of great things come from self confidence. This was a great reminder- thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow.!! what an amazing post.! Change is good for everyone one.

  3. something that i 100% believe in. change is the only constant in life and as much fearful this may be, we cant avoid it.

  4. Thank you for this! I love your passion and your advice. Change is important and necessary for us to grow.

  5. I'm working on a post about complacency and that is the word that kept coming to mind while I read this. I think it's just too easy to get ourselves into a rut and settle for less than the best when we really shouldn't! I recently removed someone from my life who had been one of my best friends for 24 years just because she has changed so much and become so toxic to others that I didn't want to go down that road with her. Kudos to you for talking about growth and how to make it happen. Great post!

  6. Great post! Change is important, although it can be scary sometimes, it is necessary for growth in all areas of life. Else our life just becomes stagnant.

    >> It's nice in the comfort zone, but nothing ever grows there.


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