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Pores? No poreblem

Never have I been one to struggle with large pores (on the face) until recently. If you struggle with them yourself, you'll know they're a pain in the butt when it comes to striving for a perfect complexion - wearing foundation would suggest to your face that you're asking for trouble as it causes the pores to become more evident.

En route to my most recent holiday, I constantly kept passing mirrors in the airport shops and was horrified by what stood out to me... big a$$ pores. Help. I had to do something, this was a serious situation.

Luckily for me, I was able to get my desperate hands on some Soap & Glory facial products which have joined the club of products that I SWEAR by.

It's recommended to use this lil number daily to leave your skin feeling cleansed, purified and 'all-out fabulous'. Since using this product, my pores have decreased in size dramatically resulting in my skin producing a lot less oil. WOOP.

The a…

The dark depths of Instagram

 * Article featured in the Sociological Mail - *

The app has constructed a counterfeit universe for people to create profiles and portray themselves exactly how they desire. At first glance, it appears enticingly exemplary - although if you dig deep enough, you'll unearth an additional, notably darker world concealed within. 

Self-harm, eating disorders and mental illness - I salute you to the subsidary world of instagram. A world where users profiles and bios are of self destruct - a place for young people to vent when the world seems too much.

'4 days clean' - A term and count many include in their Instagram bio to track and share how long they've restricted from self-harming or in eating disorder terms - how long they've gone without binge eating and kept their fast.

'CW - 109lbs' equals to 'current weight - 109lbs'. 'GW - 91lbs' translates to 'goal weight - 91lbs'…