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A message to my young teenage self

Dear younger self,

Initially I planned on devoting this piece to the devastating outfit choices you'll make when you're 13. But there are a few more principal truths that I wish you could know, a few life lessons that will affect how you go.

Hug tight that zestful, crazy and energy-fueled self of yours - it's only a matter of time before you face a fresh perspective on the world and allow it to dull your shine. Breathe in every ounce of positivity you've ever known, secure it in your mind and refuse to release it.

People with minds not so kind or with hearts not as warm as yours, will enter your life causing homesickness from the innocent and care-free childhood you've so far led. The term 'bitch' that you use when referring to a female dog, will soon also be a word representing the malicious beings you're soon to cross paths with. In college you will soon hear the unimaginable, see the unthinkable and you won't be able to fathom how you were shiel…

Santaphobia | Christmas Eve was unsettling

I know what you're thinking - how could I possibly be scared of a man who provided presents for absolutely no reason at all? What and earth did my parents say for me to fear the figure I was meant to adore?

'Father Christmas came to give you a kiss on the forehead goodnight when he visited last night'... yep, that was the trigger. From this point onward, I was scarred. I perceived Santa to be more of a trespasser than a magical presence. My parents innocent words which were said with good intentions - to make me feel excited, in actual fact  made me feel the complete opposite going forth.

The following Christmas, I found myself crying on Christmas Eve and unable to sleep... my mum had to leave a piece of paper at the bottom of the stairs that read 'please don't come upstairs, the girls are very excited'- just to put my mind at ease. All I wanted from Santa was for him to drop the presents as far away from me as possible and to sling his hook. I can only imagine…