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The impact of how you treat someone with an invisible illness

How do you convince someone that you quite literally feel as if you're dying if you have no physical proof to support it? How do you convince someone that your body feels like a decayed corpse, when you've no scars, bruises or disfigurements to prove it? How do you deal with an invisible illness when so very few believe it even exists?

The more 'you're so young, liven up' or 'go to bed earlier' statements I'd receive, the more I began to question myself and my illness. I began to wonder whether the excruciating pain and fatigue that my body was experiencing was in fact 'normal' - a few years on, I can confirm it doesn't even come close.

I gave up expressing my fatigue after I received way too many 'i'm tired too' reactions. It often felt like a personal attack, almost as if my tiredness was the usual kind of tiredness. People would speak to me as if I chose and enjoyed to feel this way. I often would get responses from my peers,…