Booking Bali Flights | How to afford Bali without breaking the bank

Hi Guys,

Since returning from Bali last month (September 2019), my Instagram DM's have been heaving with questions in relation to flights and how much they cost.

From Europe, Bali is a painless trek away. For us - 21 hours to be exact, with one hot (honestly the airport needed to crank up the air con, I was walking to my connecting flight whilst desperately, and strategically removing layers of clothes to cool down. Each time someone walked past me, the slight breeze they swept past with them was an absolute blessing... anyway this bracket has become so long it should be illegal...i'll close it now, bye) stop in Dubai.

The morning my boyfriend and I booked our flights to Bali, it was a rainy, hungover, November (2018) morning. We were possibly still drunk, we were feeling spontaneous and we wanted to experience a short glimpse of the travelling life without actually having to dramatically quit our jobs to go find ourselves.

Okay, lets get down to the whole point of this post...

How can you afford Bali whilst still being able to jet off on multiple other holidays before the date of departure?

Credit card. But no.

How did we do it?

We paid for our flights monthly, we booked our flights on (soon to be This is no AD, I just want other people who think they can't afford to travel, to travel. There's so much beyond Europe, and it's such an experience being able to explore the other side of the world.

Our flights:

We flew with Emirates, their service absolutely lived up to expectations - the whole process was so smooth and stress free.


Yes, booking Bali flights in one payment is pricey. BUT, booking Bali flights and paying a set monthly payment each month isn't. In fact, you eventually get used to paying the fee that you forget it's even coming out of your account each month!

I paid £76 each month until August, one month before we were due to fly.


A direct debit is set up, and the monthly payment is taken from your account on a set date each month. If, like me, your set date is well after your pay day - you can always pay this fee early, by logging into your AwayMo account and making an early payment. It's so so simple.

Booking a long haul flight(s), and being able to travel to a place that's been on my bucket list for a long while, is something I never anticipated I would've been able to do without sacrificing other aspects of my social life or additional holidays. Now I know its possible, nowhere is too far or too expensive (well, most places aren't), if you want to travel, what's holding you back (unless your passport has expired, in which case - stop being lazy and order a new one)?

I hope you find this useful, and travel while you can!

Han xo

Instagram: hannahgouldingxx


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