About me

I decided to create this blog because I felt like I needed somewhere to vent my thoughts creatively. I felt like I wasn't making the most out of being young and able, I was simply just living each day following the same routine.

I can't promise you there will be a set format to this blog - that would be lying. I aim to post as and when a thought hits my mind. I want to post content that is raw and totally real, because that is exactly what makes writing so precious and personable.


I'm 20 years old, based in London (right on the edge). Currently you could say I'm an aspiring actress, article writer, media addict and traveler (when I have the funds). I work full time at present elsewhere - another reason I set up this blog - to free my mind and release my creativity.

I wan't to escape the 'norm' and live life to it's full potential following my dreams.

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